Help the blue socket find is soulmate by draging her and avoiding the others sockets who find her ATRACTIVE.

Awesome logo by my awesome girlfriend Charlotte.

Made with Phaser and love.

Arrow and gamepad are also supported.

Made withPhaser
Tagsavoid, chaussette, socket, weeklygamejam


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I nearly cried when I saw the ending.

Cute game! Congrats :)

Thank you  :)

Adorable, simple and quite amusing.

Thank you ;-)

Wow. This was not what i was expecting to see in this game jam... AWESOME! Also, the simplicity is nice. Although it does get boring in 5 minutes... it's still better than nothing! Good Luck!

Thank you :-)
And yes, such a little game is no meant to be played more than 3min ^^

Congratulations! Such a simple game, but I find it kind of addicting. I've never felt so concerned about the emotional welfare of clothing.

Ah ah, glad to hear that !  Thank you very much ! :-)